nice spot for a container home

Plans, plans, plans

The pic above shows a lovely spot for a container home, no? Apart from the potential to perish in the Flame Zone of course. Plans are coming together to reduce that risk as much as possible, and to try to make this build feasible, affordable and beautiful.

There has been a bit of a gap since my last post since life and work got in the way. However, during that time I have managed to get my site survey done, which will form the basis of many plans for the DA including a landscape plan, a site plan and a vegetation management plan. I have also detailed out the first concept house design into floor plans and elevations.

Since this build involves a new wall structure and quite a lot of Flame Zone extras that all have to comply with a range of Australian Standards, and I also have a day job to get on with, I have been talking to a shipping container company about the actual build part. To be honest this was always the plan, much as I would love to get in there with angle grinder and welder and do it all myself (well, at least part of me would), I would also like to be able to live in this house very soon.

container house pic Norway
Example of a pre-built container home – this one is by NovaDeko Modular.

Part of the attraction of the whole project is the pre-fab modular bit – where the containers are all fitted out off-site, shipped in and within a couple of days they are all connected up and ready to live in. That also reduces the amount of transport needed for bringing materials on to the site, and the amount of wasted building materials. Plus it removes the risk of potential timeline blowouts from miserable weather and trying to get various trades all lined up at the right time so that nothing is delayed.

My customised floor plans are below. I finally managed to find and chop up some 3D stairs in Sketchup so a cut-out showing the stair structure is included too, just visualise a large pantry cupboard under them, and maybe an oven.

Floor plan - ground floor
Floor plan of ground floor – the containers are 12m long by 4.8m wide when combined. Bedroom 2 is small and likely to be an office/library. I am still considering whether to have a large sliding door (clad in reclaimed timber, as a feature), or just keep it completely open plan from the living space. (Yes, I remembered to put dimensions in the floor plan, I just cropped them off for these pics).
Floor plan - top floor
Floor plan of the top floor – this floor will have only one container, with the floor cut out for half of it creating the double height ceiling over the back of the lounge/dining, then one large loft room about 6m by 2.4m, opening onto the rooftop deck (top right).
sliding door reclaimed timber
Reclaimed timber sliding door, which might feature between my living and office areas, except it would be larger at 1.5m wide. (click on pic for source)
Stairs in the kitchen.
Sketchup cutaway showing the stairs in the kitchen that will house a pantry and appliance, then run up into the top story loft.

I am now waiting on the CAD files for my site survey, which I will use to put some concept drawings together to take to RFS and Council. It is time to start pulling all the pieces together; the contour survey shows the property details then I add on the planned house footprint and elevations, water tank location, nearest fire hydrant, Asset Protection Zone and planned changes to vegetation etc.

I figure there is no point hiring a draftsperson at this stage to make lovely final drawings if the concept gets knocked back. Β So it is time to dredge out the decades-old graphic designer skill set and see if I can remember how to whip up some technical drawings. How hard can that be?


10 thoughts on “Plans, plans, plans”

  1. The plans look great which you have drawn up. It is going to be a lovely home for you and Badger. I am enjoying following your progress on this wonderful adventure of yours. Many thanks for sharing with us all.


  2. Looking Good Kellie and I love that reclaimed timber sliding door. I hope that bed 2/office will be big enough for Frank, Ian and I to come visit (Ian doesn’t take up too much room :-)) Love F&S&I


    1. Thanks Sylvia – the upstairs loft will double as guest accommodation, plenty of room up there! Ian can share with Badger downstairs πŸ™‚ I am planning on putting a roll out bed upstairs so it can be moved out onto the deck in summer, with a hook for a mozzie net installed near the roof, for sleeping under the stars..


      1. Sounds wonderful. Not sure how we would get Ian to sleep downstairs though, he’s rather spoilt and prefers our bedroom, or even our bed πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Steve! Very interesting link thanks, will read more of it. The timber cladding looks fab but unfortunately it’s a no go for a Flame Zone build in NSW. If I don’t get my steel wall structure past the RFS I am considering INEX weatherboard which is BAL FZ rated. For cosmetic purposes I am also considering weathered steel as it can look amazing. Stay tuned πŸ™‚


  3. Hi, I realise I’m very late in commenting but just found your blog today, searching for info on small (bushfire rated) dwellings in the Blue Mtns area. Check out eBay for cost effective barn door railing systems. We found ours there. I’ll continue reading and dreaming of our own hideaway in the mountains.


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