From a gallop to a slow walk

What’s happening? Nothin.

Three weeks later and I’m still waiting for a reply from the container home company, despite many emails and phone messages. I need their basic drawings to modify for my build, as Council requires things like sectional drawings that show floor and roof structure. No luck with a reply to date, so out of frustration I used sketch-up to do as much as I could myself, including working up the wall structure from other general plans/specs they had sent me previously. But now I need details from them on floor and roof structure amongst other things.

Here is a pic of my latest SketchUp effort, this one is to scale and with the new cladding option added on, so I hope it can be used to take out elevations and other plan drawings as needed. I’m not sure on the exterior colours yet, I’m still playing around with those but I want to pick up the tones of the local sandstone cliffs and break up the silhouette.

Cut away of container home design
Cut away sketch of my design so far.  The cut away shows the double height ceiling bit over the living room and the tall strip of windows running up the back wall.

In the meantime I am plodding away on my Statement of Environmental Effects, yipeee. Oh goodie some interior paint samples just arrived in the mail, much more fun, I’m off! Fingers crossed the container guys come up with the goods sometime this week.


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