On the clock, tic tok..

Here is an update on my DA, for those with strong constitutions.

In the interests of honesty and forthrightness, which this blog is all about, I should note that my DA was rejected.


Yes, my DA was rejected by Council. “Holy bovine” I thought, that doesn’t happen much does it? What did I stuff up so majorly and how much will it cost me? The answers in the end were “often” and “nothing much”.

Apparently, according to those in the industry, in the old days if there was an issue with a drawing or two you’d get a call from Council and an opportunity to fix them up. These days the Councils are all “on the clock” to assess DAs, they are expected to process them within 40 days and each council is rated based on performance. That means it is now more likely the DA will be rejected; it then has to be fixed, and when it is resubmitted as a new application the clock starts again.

The fees paid on first application are held for 21 days and just transfer over to the new application so there is no additional cost in fees. The only cost in this case was fixing a few drawings, and a small risk of heart attack at the rejection news.

Why was it rejected? Well on good grounds apparently, but nothing too major. Memo to me, and anyone else taking on this sort of thing, car port elevations are required. I had included dimensions, model and materials, and location on the site plan, but that is not enough and front, rear and side elevation drawings are what is needed according to state regulations.

The other booboo was that the laundry was not shown on the floorplans. That was a small bone of contention as I had the laundry included on my own original floor plans, along with kitchen details, but both were omitted when the draftsman I hired did the final drawings. So I had to photoshop the final drawings and put the laundry back in.

So where are we at now? Well the DA was resubmitted within ten days of rejection, and the application was accepted this time. The clock was then stopped on the 10th September as Council wanted some details on how I was planning to use the loft outlined in my floor plans. I sent them the information within ten days again. Then I rang a week later to see if the clock had been restarted, but the assessor assigned to my DA was away for another week. When he got back he returned my call and left a message to say he had received my information and would look at it.

I just looked at the Council DA tracker site today (21st October), which is a very handy thing where you can track the progress of your application online, and it looks like the clock is still stuck. There is a little green line showing that the clock was stopped back in early September, and the line currently seems to continue to infinity. I don’t like that little line.

I have no idea why the clock appears to be jammed, I haven’t received any more questions from Council. So there is a mystery block of four weeks where time appears to have stood still, which I’m hoping to get more information on soon.

I’ll let you know when I have more news.

(Blog feature pic, of the old clock that’s not moving anymore, was taken from here)