DA is done, Happy New Year!

There will be a house. A stylish little two story shipping container house exactly where I want to put it on my gorgeous Flame Zoned block. YAAAYYYYY!!!

Little dance of joy.

The Development Application is approved, and will be in the post on Monday, or it’s ready for pick up if I get super keen and go and fetch it from the Council in Katoomba. That is very tempting.

There is of course a slightly longer story to it than that. I need to submit a bit more information for my Construction Certificate (CC) application, which was submitted at the same time as the DA and has mostly been assessed. All the queries on the sub-floor and roof structure were for the CC and most of the design has now been accepted. But I have to submit one more bit of information to get the CC, the custom engineering certification for the steel structure for my house, and I didn’t want to invest in that before the DA was issued. So the two were separated out. Anyway that’s all small fry, this build will happen!

Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “DA is done, Happy New Year!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS KELL….that’s great news to be able to start the new year – wishing you all the very best of everything for 2016 and a special pat for Badger xx


  2. So excited for you! What great news to end the year with. Your tenacity is an inspiration and shows us all that it can be done. Thanks again for sharing your journey and would love to hear more on your blog about the next stages. Best wishes for 2016.


  3. Hello,
    Congratulations! We are thinking of a container house and we are very interested in your progress. How long did it take through council? Can I ask what type of cladding are you using on the outside to comply with the flame zone regulations?


    1. Hi, thanks for the congrats. It took four months to get through Council, which looks about average from what I could tell. I am using magnesium oxide board for my cladding, but there are pros and cons depending on the size and design of your container house. If you read some of my earlier posts you’ll see there are a few different options, including having steel on the outside. hope this helps.


  4. Hi, I’m starting the journey with exactly the same specs, flame zone in BMCC. How can I contact you to chat? icuiped at gmail dot com


  5. Hello and Bravo !
    Actually I found your weblog accidentally and how lucky I am that found it because I am doing same process with same scenario. (shipping Container House)
    Currently I bought a land in Berowra Height. the land is sloppy and next to the bush. the land is in bush fire zone (BAL FZ). So due to FZ and cost o construction I decided to design and build my house by Shipping Container.
    when I read what you have done to get DA and what you have done in terms of checking materials Fire Standards and many other thing I said, you are a champion. And after that I scared because I have to do same process.
    Up to know I only prepared architectural drawings and sent to some of shipping container builder to get qoute to find how much is the cost of construction in comparison with normal method to build a house.
    We ( my wife,my 4 years old son and I )would like to have a catch up with you and know each other and have a chat about our experience.
    Meanwhile please see some details about my project and let me know when will be convenient to you. I wanted to send to my drawing but don’t know how to send.

    Site address :



  6. Hello and congratulation for this achievement. I read your weblog and your project is very interesting, I would like to have a chat with you about your job.
    please let me know if it is possible for you via my email address.


    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Ash,
      Thanks for your message. Feel free to send me a direct message, my email is kellie@bushpalette.com. I am getting a lot of questions on my blog and unfortunately I don’t have much time to answer the technical ones, but am thinking of doing a talk down the track a bit and inviting people who are interested to come and chat. Let me know if you’d be interested in attending? Kind regards,


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