The rhodos are in bloom in my garden block

Spring has sprung and the containers have been ordered…

Spring is in the air and it’s turning into a time of action after all that winter torpor. The action includes me finally getting around to writing this post. My Owner Builder’s Licence is completed and issued, and I have my construction certificate in hand. The licence application wasn’t a big deal and only took about 16 hours to complete all up since I’m a well-practiced desk jockey, it just took a while to find a spare 16 hours. Yes that bodes well for building a house this millennium doesn’t it, if 16 hours is a push.

The containers are about to be built off-site; I have put in an order for the containers with structural modifications including wall cut-outs and reinforcements, steel stud framework for all the walls, plus supply and installation of the double-glazed windows and doors. There’s about a 6 week timeline on that. I’m waiting on a final quote for the concrete and steel pier foundations, and will soon start on getting the other site-works and connections in place. And start on all the owner builder paperwork that comes with starting the build.

The plan, Plan Z that is, is that the first stage of the build will be delivery of a basic house structure built from the three containers, with windows and doors in place, and all welded together on-site for basic weatherproofing. Then fit-out will come after that including electricals, plumbing, insulation and plasterboard, then external cladding etc. I have a few more creative ideas for the internal fit-out, which will follow.

September was a crazy month for me in terms of work and October isn’t much better, so you’ll see some more pictures and more detailed explanations of my plans in later blog posts. This is just a quick update to say that things are moving and despair is no longer in the equation. It might be replaced by a bit of frustration and angst during the building process, or perhaps just a string of pleasant surprises mwahahahah. It doesn’t really matter, my garden block is blooming and it’s time to stop and smell the rhodos.

I have much more time to spend on the build in November, probably just as all the trades get too busy with other jobs that are due before Christmas.

Ps I have some video footage of another container house being delivered in the Blue Mountains back in August which I will post soon, after I edit it.



10 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and the containers have been ordered…”

  1. Kellie – I love you!! I’ve S0 enjoyed reading your blog. We are about to buy in the BM and would so love to meet up. I too was wanting shipping containers, and went to their site in Lismore. All looked easypeasy. Mmm, reading your blog [apart from having me in hysterics] has alerted me to the pitfalls. We are coming down in Nov. Hope we can meet.
    Cheers for now,


    1. Hi Deni, haha thanks that’s fab that you like the blog so much! Would be happy to chat in Nov, I’ll email you. Someone else in the Blues used the Lismore mob and it’s a long and not very happy story, I’ll see if I can get some contact details would be worth you chatting to them too. Cheers,


    1. Hi James, a full run down on that to come, we’re in the process of sorting out another glitch as I speak. I’m dealing with Port, they seem to have the know-how for this job. There’s been a few pros and cons so far – a few hitches mostly with the paperwork, on the other hand they are quick to respond to questions and have been professional in sorting things out if there’s a mistake. Stay tuned!


  2. My god you are tenacious! With all the obstacles thrown in your way an ordinary mortal may have given up. It’s crazy how difficult it is just getting a simple shelter off the drawing board but it sounds like you’ve cracked it! All the best with the build – it will be so exciting on the day you can move in.


    1. Ha, thanks! It has definitely taken much longer than I thought, but I still really like this container house concept, so am just going to keep plodding on. Yes the day it is finished will be a fine day indeed! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂


  3. Hey Kelly, well done on your progress, I would love to see what you’ve done so far. ?I’m having my containers delivered sometime next month to Katoomba.


    1. Hi Gilo, great, would love to hear more about your build! Do you have a blog or any info, is it in flame zone? There is not much to see yet as my ground works for the foundations etc are only just about to start, but I can let you know when delivery date gets closer. I’ll send you an email.


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